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Clients & References

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At the companies below, I have done several assigments in the last 12 years.

Opdrachtgevers ExpandYourLife!What others say about Annemarijke


Tina_BergsmaTina Bergsma – VP International Stations Airfrance/KLM

Conceptually, yet pragmatic, structured, thorough, customizable, and honest are the keywords that come up to me when I think back to the period when Annemarijke was working for us. In a short time she has successfully guided the transition of facilities to Sodexo, while parallel also supported our move to a new headquarters. All this with a lot of empathy for the situation of the employees involved, and a clear direction for everyone on the team about what is and is not expected. Very positive and pleasant cooperation!

Pieter de NeefPieter de Neef – Manager Finance & Control Dutch Railway

Annemarijke has performed outstandingly in the past as interim manager of the first aid (EH/BHV) training program in 2008. We hired her for another job as interim manager back-office. She was responsible for the planning and organization of all training activities, the project support and the facility services within our company. She was also tasked with the preparation and implementation of the new back office processes of our new Learning Management System.

Again she has performed outstandingly.

Jeroen FreijserJeroen Freijser – Manager FM region North- West Dutch Police

Annemarijke, is a passionate interim manager who likes to take on challenges. Teambuilding and personal attention to people makes it possible that she accomplish what she promise even in a difficult environment. I wish Annemarijke much success to her new challenge, knowing that they finish what she started.

Jennifer SchoopJennifer Schoop – Marketing Communications Manager at Philips Healthcare

Annemarijke is a brilliant, client focused coach with good professional skills and personal attitude. I really liked and like working with Annemarijke she is next to being pro-active, pragmatic and solution driven, she never looses the end objectives from her clients. She is honest and has passion that is what you immediately feel when working with her. I would recommend Annemarijke to anyone who would like to work with her on making successful changes and seeking personal growth in live.

Mirjam van der Net - HogenkampMirjam Hoogenkamp – Manager Hospitality Services at Sodexo Facility Services

I know Annemarijke as an enthusiastic, motivated and committed people manager. She pays attention to every individual in a team. Her impact on others is positive and invites others to be open. Instead of a group of people working together, she creates a real team. She takes leadership all the way.

Stephanie Cornelisse – Learning and Development Consultant Dutch railway

Annemarijke has been my manager at NS. I know her as someone who strives for results. In a short period of time she has accomplished a lot, from concrete business results to teambuilding and developments on a more personal level. She sees people for who they are and knows how to use the specific qualities of each employee. She is straight to the point and has no hidden agendas: what you see is what you get. As a manager she has your back and as an employee she strives for results in a pragmatic way.

Helen BaarsHelèn Baars – Learning & Development Consultant at TriamFloat

Annemarijke is a results-oriented manager who can operate well in complex organizations and projects. The combination of her targeted approach and acting from an open mind makes her unique as a female leader. She is authentic and performs really well in an environment where there are different interests and a politically sensitive context. Annemarijke is able to simplify complex issues and quickly get to the core issues. She does this in an appreciative manner; She show’s employees their strength and by that employees are able to develop unknown talents.




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