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Inspiring Books

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The following inspiring books, I highly recommend for their valuable content.

Lean in - Sheryl Sandberg Humorous, inspiring and great advices from Sheryl Sandberg. The call to action can not be missed.
How Remarkasble Women Lead - Joanna Barsh What an inspiration these women are. Combining research with true stories about leadership, being a women and having success in career and life.
 Your Brain at Work - David Rock About how you use your brain at work, in several work related situations. And lot’s of idea’s how to use your brain more efficiently!
 Mistakes I made at Work - Jessica Bacal Showing your weaknesses, telling and talking about your doubts is the most powerful way to get connected and inspire others.
 The fire starter sessions - Danielle Laporte Great questions, easy to read, really get’s me fired up to get the best out of me. One of the results will be completing my own book about Female Leadership.
 Delivering Happiness - Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh How to empower your team the real way!
 Semoc-Stijl - Ricardo Semler THE way I would grow my own company. Thinking out of the box behind the stars.
 Begin met het Waarom - Simon Sinek It started with the WHY…. watch the TEDex presention of Simon Sinek to get the idea. In real life, the ‘why’ is often not clear enough to many employees in many re-organisations.
 Essenties van NLP - Lucas Derks en Jaap Hollander At night at the couch to get inspired and update my knowledge of NLP
 De hele olifant in beeld - Marja de Vries A new and coherent world view becomes visible. Don’t take it on your honeymoon as a book to relaxed. You need focus and attention, still worthwhile.
 De 5 frustraties van teamwork - Patrick Lencioni Great, honest and practical book for building teams. I used it more then ones. Catherine became my soulmate.
 NLP Workbook - Joseph O Connor Great book what I use to update my own NLP skills. Practical assigments that brings back all things I learned during NLP Practioner and NLP Masters at the World Wide Institutes of NLP


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