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The Female Leadership at the Office

As a woman and as a manager there were 1000 and one prejudices that crossed my path about respect, womanhood, motherhood and work…

It is 2015, and there are still people who ask:

  • “Do you work 5 days a week?”
  • “How do you ‘manage’ the kids?”
  • “How do you manage your household?

There are still companies that do not give a salary increase to a woman because “she has not worked four months out of 12”, as she was on maternity leave.

Still there are more women than men who are diagnosed with a burn out because women want to ‘play’ every role for the full 100%.

In short, a key component of Expand Your Life! is the focus on Female Leadership at the Office. The starters of today are the executives of the future. Trust in yourself, keep believing and stay in the game!

Annemarijke is a female leader herself and is specialized in answering the following questions:

  • How do I arrange support as a starter?
  • How do I get changes implemented with support of the employees?
  • How do I empower myself and employees to take responsibility?
  • How do I create a real team that can trust and work together to reach the same goals?

Call for an appointment! At the 1st meeting we will both identify what the company really needs. We can decide together how, what and when you need to get things started!

Think of the oxygen mask on the plane!

If the oxygen masks drop, first set up your own then start helping others.

You do not have to fulfill all roles during your entire day at a 100% level. Give yourself some slack and don’t take life too seriously. Keep the oxygen mask in mind and stay in balance at work and at home.

Reacties plaatsen is niet mogelijk.

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